Thursday, July 16, 2009

"My kitty!"

We have a new addition to our little family! While visiting the vet to pick up medication for our dog, my darling husband fell hard for a 7 week old kitten that had been abandoned. One donation later and Kris brought home "Ava's early birthday present."

Ava was thrilled with the new kitty. She has desperately wanted to be friends with our cat, Moxie, but it has taken a long time for Moxie to warm up to the idea of a small child. We choose the Maisy for the kitty ~ it's cute and Ava has no trouble saying it. She loving carries Maisy around by the neck. When Maisy meows Ava pats her and says, "You're fine." Maisy even gets rocked as Ava sings Rock-a-bye Baby.

I love the idea of Ava growing up with pets. She has never been bothered by animals and shows a loving interest. Maisy has become comfortable and grown on even the most hard-hearted (Moxie Cat). I guess Kris is just a sucker for a cute face!

Favorite kitty books:
  • Ballet Kitty by Bernette Ford
  • Kitty Up! by Elizabeth Wojtusik
  • Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
  • Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue by Peter Catalanotto
  • The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown
  • Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward


Jim Brochowski said...

Absolutely Adorable! What a fun post.

katie said...

Cute cute cute! Is there anything cuter than a little toddler cuddling a pet?!