Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Where did the cat go?"

This weekend we visited my parents in Canton. Vacant of plans we took time to explore some of my childhood haunts including Sippo Lake. Stark Parks has done a tremendous job revitalizing this park. I remember fishing, nature walks, and paddle boat rides ~ all of which is still possible; however, there are additional opportunities for exploration and education, including the new Perry Twp. Branch Library overlooking the lake.

Ava loves being outside and it was a beautiful day to explore. We looked for turtles and toads and pointed out all of the pretty flowers. But most confusing to Ava were the cat tails.

Looking out from the bridge leading to the walking trail Ava could see hundreds of cat tails growing out of the swampy part of the lake. My mom and I explained to her that the soft brown things groing straight up were called cat tails. Unfortunately, we couldn't reach one to show her up close or to touch. "Do you see the cat tails?" I asked. With a look of concern Ava looked up and asked, "Where did the cat go?" This became her new mission: to find the missing cats whose tails were left behind.

Funny. So the question begs... how do you explain cat tails to a toddler?


katie said...

Awwww, ha ha! That is so funny! How sweet.

Anonymous said...

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