Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Can't Ride in My Little Red Wagon

For Christmas Ava received a red wagon. Kris was very insistent that this was going to be her big gift this year. It was so sweet watching him assemble it on Christmas Eve and attach a big red bow. I think he was more excited than anyone else this year. Ava was thrilled with her gift (which only added to her daddy's excitement). She wanted to sit in her wagon to open all her other gifts and then all day we took turns pulling her around the house. Fortunately the day after Christmas was beautiful - warm like a late Spring day. We were able to get outside for a walk and to play with Ava's new red wagon.
As we were walking through the neighborhood a favorite storytime song popped into my head - Little Red Wagon. We love the Wiggleworms CDs! Lots of great songs to get you moving and that is so important with a toddler running around. Music is an excellent way to help get your child Ready to Read prompting Phonological Awareness. So during the winter months we can pretend we are riding in Ava's wagon by singing along!

Just for fun! Here is a link to a video of a different version that works really well with older children. Little Red Wagon.


Cat said...

Beautiful! We sing the wagon song a lot, even to this day, although the version we had on recording (cassette tape - remember those?) was done by Raffi.

thanks for the new ear worm . . .

Simon's gonna fix it with his hammer,
Won'tcha be my darlin?

Cheryl said...

So cute! Look how big she is getting. I can't believe it. And to think we haven't gotten our two girlies together. Shame on us! Let's make a deal and get them together come August when we are back in Ohio!
p.s. nice job with the new camera ;)